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Female. Born on May 12. Is in a relationship.
The Baptiste Family Foundation
The Baptiste Family Foundation, a private, non-profit philanthropic organization, was originally started in 2015 by KariNoelle Baptiste and since then has grown to include her children, grand-children, sisters, nieces and close friends . The Foundation was intended to provide financial support to SL organization's fundraising endeavors that help children, women, men, seniors and the LGBTQ community in need of physical and mental health treatment, healthcare awareness, and related human services, such as homelessness, hunger and education.  The Baptiste Family Foundation is interested in encouraging practical, caring solutions to community problems by supporting preventive and direct service efforts. This includes but not limited to the matters of Domestic Violence & Gun Violence as well as providing support for victims of natural disasters and supporting varies needs of our military.
Ambrosia Kamala - Windstorm
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Kilolo Jenkins